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worst of moods.

not too sure what real friends are these days.
they drop you like nothing as soon as you are in
a different situation than them.
ive come to realize that those that completely
stopped communication with me because
1: i got back with my husband
and/or im doing the married thing again
(which btw doesnt mean i cant hang anymore)
2: i’m having a baby
(who is due soon, if you cared to know)
3: moved to corpus
it’s pretty fxck’d,
doesnt expect to “chill” later, when im not prego
and/or im in the valley to visit.

Oh, & Leslie, i’ve been meaning to say this…
GO fXck yaself.
i was a good friend, and for you to all of a sudden
think i was super fucking mean, wow..
i didnt know mean girls offered to take care of you
while you get on your feet and go to school.
i’m such a horrible bitch, arent i?

that being said,

i needed to get that off my chest. 



i can’t find my pink dye!!

i can’t find my pink dye!!

going blonde and turquoise this weekend.  

going blonde and turquoise this weekend.

Today is the day.

this baby should be coming soon.


looks like we’re hitting up vegas in June!
& for only $426 a person, i dont see why not :)
the hotel is on the strip, free drinks while gambling!
burlesque clubs, and i’m finally 21, yeauh!

35 wks.

35 days to go.


DEV - Naked ft. Enrique Iglesias

i missed blogging :/

i literally havent been on here in ages,
i miss tumblr.

i’m 34wks & 5dys today,
i’m ready to squeeze this little mama out!
i want to hold her in my arms already and
introduce her to her big brothers :)

I also miss being thin and skinny.
i’ve been craving a nice mixed drink.
i need a smoke.
some crazy drunk sex sounds quite lovely too.
(with my hubs, of course)

only 37 days to go, more than likely less
but it’s nice having a countdown…
this bed rest thing isnt fun but i like being pampered [:

I fckn can’t waitt!
8 dayss ;)

I fckn can’t waitt! 8 dayss ;)